1. Introductory provisions

  1. General conditions for placement of the accommodation, by the company W.G.G. a.s. (further only intermediaries), regulate the relations between the mediator and the customer, who uses the mediate services.
  2. Mediation of the rental of these objects, the intermediary has made compatible with the owners of each hotel.
  3. The contractual relationship between the customer and the intermediary arises on the basis of the completed and sent Internet reservation.
  4. The agent is entitled to cancel the order if the buyer does not pay the costs for accommodation to the agent's account within three working days or one day before the agreed date.
  5. The price indicated in the offer is the final price for the customer.

2. Order and payment of accommodation

  1. The order is made by sending the reservation from the reservation system of the agent on the website www.grandcasinoas.eu.
  2. You will receive up-to-date information about the payment options by e-mail at the e-mail address stated in the reservation.
  3. Payments are made through a payment gate and are transferred to a Czech account in CZK or EUR. The customer receives detailed instructions for the execution of the payment when making the reservation.
  4. Payment must be made within three working days, but no later than one working day before the agreed date of accommodation. If the customer does not make the payment on the specified date, the order will be canceled.
  5. After payment of the whole amount the customer receives a confirmation of the compensation with further instructions to the accommodation on his email.

The purchaser must collect the room key personally in the agent's office.

3. Resignation by the agent

  1. The agent is entitled to terminate the contract if the execution of the accommodation is due to extraordinary events that could not be foreseen at the time the order was placed (for example, natural disasters, etc.).
  2. In such a case, the agent offers the customer an adequate replacement, if he has other free accommodation capacities in the specified date.
  3. The customer is not obliged to accept this replacement offer.
  4. If the customer does not accept the offer, he will get back from the agent, without any unnecessary delay, the whole amount for the stay.
  5. The customer has no right to reimbursement of further costs in the event of cancellation by the accommodation provider.

4. Liability for damage

  1. The price of the stays arranged does not include any insurance. The ordered services are used by the customers at their own risk. The agent is not responsible for the personal injury, damage or destruction of property (responsibility for the health and property damage caused to the third person), for the theft of luggage during the stay, as well as for the damage caused by natural disasters or for the Damage associated with these events.

5. Cancellation policy

  1. A confirmed or paid reservation can only be canceled by phone or in writing, no later than five days before the agreed date, with a claim for reimbursement of the full amount. In case of later cancellation, the intermediary has the right to charge the cancellation fee, see Cancellation fees.

6. Cancellation fees

  1. The agent undertakes not to charge any cancellation fees if the reservation has been canceled up to five days before the agreed date.
  2. When canceling the reservation three to four days before the agreed date, 25% of the total amount will be credited as cancellation fee.
  3. When canceling the reservation two days before the scheduled appointment 50% of the total amount will be charged as cancellation fee.
  4. When canceling the reservation one day before the scheduled appointment or on the day of the scheduled appointment, 100% of the total amount will be credited as a cancellation fee.
  5. When shortening the length of the stay, the same conditions apply as when canceling the reservation.
  6. The cancellation fee is a contractual penalty.

In case of cancellation due to unavoidable events (death in the family, hospitalization of the client or member of his family, serious illness, natural disaster) no cancellation fee will be charged. The purchaser is obliged vis-à-vis the intermediary to prove to him the above-mentioned facts by a written document at the latest three days after its origin.

7. Final provision

The mediator undertakes to cooperate fully in solving a residence complaint on the part of the purchaser.
These general conditions are valid since Nov. 1, 2017